Welcome to 2016’s National Petroleum and Petrochemical Machinery Conference

The 2016’s National Petroleum and Petrochemical Machinery Conference (NPPMC) would be held on early November  2016 in Hefei of Anhui province. You are highly welcomed to join us!


NPPMC show, a regular gathering of engineering field of machinery for petroleum and petrochemical industry, has been held for twenty-four sessions successfully. NPPMC, known as one of major machinery conference in China, with over two hundred technical experts,senior engineers and business managers attending this year, has become one of the largest petroleum and petrochemical machinery conference in China.


The famous domestic engineering company include SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation,SINOPEC Shanghai Engineering Company Limited,East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd., China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation, SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation, SINOPEC Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd, China Chengda Engineering Co. Ltd, China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, Wuhuan Engineering Corporation , China Hualu Engineering Corporation, SINOPEC Nanjing Engineering Company Limited, etc.


The famous domestic enterprises include Shenyang Blower Works, Hanzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Compressor Co., Ltd., Nanjing Chemical Industrial Group Chemical Machinery Works, Shenyang Pump Manufactory, Dalian Acid Proof Pump Plant, Chongqing Pump Works, Shanxi Blower Factory, Chongqing General Machinery Factory, etc.


NPPMC also attracts many International enterprises, such as SIEMENS, ELLIOTT, ITT, SULZER, JOHNCRANE, IDEX, FLOWSERVE, COZZANI and etc.


The NPPMC2016 will focus on the industrial policy interpretation under the 13th Five-Year plan and covers the subjects such as API standards, energy save and environmental protection, machinery quality, seals application and etc.

Organizer 1:NationalTechnologyCenterof Process Equipment

NationalTechnologyCenterof Process Equipment (TCED), founded in 1960, is administrated by China Prospect and Design Association of Petrochemical Industry, and also led by Shanghai Engineering Co. Ltd., China Sinopec Group.


TCED is mainly engaged in fundamentally technical work within the professional scope of petrochemical and chemical industries, such as formulating standards and codes, developing engineering application software, carrying out the technical consultation, technical transfer, technical service and technical training in the field of process equipment.


TCED has three major technical committees, National Process Equipment Technical Committee, National Rotating Machinery Technical Committee, National Committee of Fluid Mixing Technology, with more than 150 of the Chinese top technical experts and business professionals. The annul conference will be held by these committees every year.

Organizer 2:SINOPECMachineryTechnologyCenter

The SINOPEC Machinery Technology Center, Established in December, 2005, involves mainly in standardization in scope of engineering design for machinery, technique exchange, application and consultation of machinery technology used in petrochemical engineering project.

The tasks are:

· Facing the trend of development of mechanical process technology.

· Putting forward the proposal on the development of mechanical technology used in petrochemical industry.

· According to the plan of SINOPEC engineering construction standard system, working on organization and compilation of mechanical technical standards, criterions, and codes.

·Promoting the new technologies and Processes on mechanical devices (including technical seminar, exchange, training and so on).

·Carrying out compensated transfer of technical achievement.

·Completing the tasks arranged by SINOPEC, striving for becoming the Machinery

Technology Center as the business construction center, the technical service center, the new technical promotion center and the techniques market center on machinery region in petrochemical industry.

TheMachineryTechnologyCenteris an institution about engineering construction standardization, belongs to SINOPEC Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. and accepts the leadership of SINOPEC Engineering Construction Administration Department.